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Cliff's Poetry

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The Chain

You dream of chains.

I dream of freedom.

You see chaos.

I see love.

You are the Priest.

I am the Peasant.

You hold the chain.

I hold the wall.

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Little Pill.
On my table.
You and your bothers and going to make me feel good, right?
Fuck off, I’m tired.
Where’s my book of Haikus?

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Am a Lamp.


Can love me.

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I Broke Up with My Boyfriend.


Because, frankly, I can’t deal with someone being like “I want a serious relationship” and “you mean something to me” who then just turns around and accuses me of lying to him all the time.

I mean, really, fuck you.

I’m not as upset as I was the first one-and-a-half times.

So does this mean we’re on for next month?

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Haikus are fun. I have books about them.

From J. W. Hackett:

Deep within the stream
the huge fish lies motionless,
facing the current.

I’ve got a notebook with nothing but haikus I’ve done around here somewhere, if I can find it, I’ll post some.

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Took 150 mg DPH at 9:10 PM.


Just a little reminder to myself.

Barely a platform dose (I did about double the first time I ever even took the stuff), but I’ve heard this shit is ridiculously unpredictable, and such a low dose can have the exact same effect as 600mg (which I have also done). I also just honestly don’t need to get fucked up on a school night—DPH is just one of those things where every once in awhile you say to yourself, “You know what I haven’t done in awhile? DPH. Sure, it didn’t have any really redeeming factors last time, or the time before, but I’m curious again.” Maybe it might.

I’m testing this theory.

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Not really poetry, but I think it sounds good.

Woke up this morning from a frightened sleep.
When I say sleep, it was more like a wink.
Turn on my telly and what did I see?
A damn cute picture of a-little ol’ me.
Now, I been smokin’ an’ a-sinin’ an’ a-drinkin’ for free.
I been shootin’ an’ a-killin’ man, you shoulda seen me.
Now I feel somethin’ from my head to my feet…
It’s the Lord Almighty and he’s come for me.

Now I been a good man, or so I thought.
I gave the children candy on every halloween.
I gave the strippers money when they looked at me.
I helped the old little lady across the street.
Paid the pleasure girl my one ninety-three.
But I still feel something all over me.
It’s the Lord Almighty and he’s come for me.

I wanna jump, I wanna shake, an’ I wanna run.
I gotta get to a priest, I gotta find a phone.
Dialin’ a number, prayin’ for peace.
But I done did wrong and He’s on me.
Gotta get outta here, gotta get some space.
Cause The Old One has come to judge my case.
He’s the Lord Almighty and he’s come for me.

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( played 6 times )

Poetry in motion.

I know. I know. I know. I know. I know.

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In a world of darkness
In a world of hate
We find few lights.
These lights guide us on our paths
Caress us with their glow.
We often take them for granted
And we don’t know what we’ve got until they’re gone.

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Multiple Blogs on one account FTW

If I’ve ever said anything bad about Tumblr, I take it back.

I have a new main site now, You should go there and follow.

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